Texas II official server hacker

Hi, ЛОЛОЛОЛОЛОЛОЛ:|}{|{ has been on hacking the last few days straight, the kid seems to be playing 12 hour days and griefs everybody constantly, can an admin please come over and ban him as soon as possible. Making the server quite unplayable, especially after a wipe, hard to rebuild a base…

http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198175112515/ his steam profile.

I like that in the title it makes it sound like he is the official hacker;) funny thing is that he really is the main villain on Texas 2.its like a new angry god mechanic for rust, Now all hail NONO NONONONONO or be smited! I even started building him a shrine so I could have protection hehe

His name is LOLOL in Cyrillic.

Yeah I know that now but in the game we called him the NONONO god, he told us it was LOLOLOLO and we had to repent for mispronouncing the divine name. Good times were had despite losing everything lololol

The other thread got locked, is he still not banned yet? Btw, this is Akumetsu from Stigma.

The problem is that he told me he bought the 4-pack so as soon as he gets banned he is going to gift another game to a new account so he can continue to terrorize our server. There is no end in sight. Can we ban his home account so he can’t gift anymore, that’d be great! I know it’s not gonna happen tho

OMG last night was the first night he didnt terrorize us, thank you facepunch!