Texas Officals

So when my group and I were playing last sunday morning we noticed a lack of Bambies (New players or Fresh spawns) which was surprising. We then realized the official texas server had cap’d out. Instead of the 500 possible slots its became two separate servers with a population cap of 100 each. To further explain the problem, before the wipe this week when I logged onto rust over 200+ players were on. Now its at maximum capacity of 100 out of 100. I hardly have access to the server I have nearly all the BPs on…

My question is, why did this happen?
Will it ever change back?

Thank you for your time.

Well this is strange.

Yes, very

Official servers are for testing, surprise surprise. The devs must be testing something to do with population counts.

If the devs test on it, I never see them on banning the hackers that roam 24/7 on it

This post is funny. Why? Because TheDawnKiller is one of the hackers on the Texas server. Dude flew into my rock base and stole bps and 5.56 ammo, then landed and killed me while I was outside. Commenting “Your house is small.” No walls were broken, all codes were still locked and no jump stack blocks were placed to allow you entrance into my rock base. SO… I hope you don’t get back on. In fact, I hope your cheating arse gets banned finally.