Text alignment in a DListView?

I have a DListView with 3 columns - 2 of which hold barely any text in each line, and the 3rd one holds a lot of text.
Then this happens:

Now I can do something like this:

But I would really like to just have the text go down a line.
I looked at DListView:SetDataHeight but this happened… (Text stayed in 1 line, and that weird white line showed up when choosing a line)

Is there even a way to do this?

Maybe you need to invalidate the layout

doesn’t work, you are all out of luck. It’s not meant to have wrapping text or multi line really.

-snip. Missunderstood-

Oh wow I feel dumb…
What about the weird white line when you choose a line?

Get me minimal reproduction code and I will look into it.

Something like this?
[lua]local function CreateDListView()
local Frame = vgui.Create( “DFrame” )
local h, w = 500, 1000
Frame:SetSize( w, h )
Frame:SetTitle( “Text menu thing” )

local L = vgui.Create( "DListView" )
L:SetParent( Frame )
L:SetSize( w, h - 100 )
L:SetPos( 0, 20 )
L:SetDataHeight( 40 )
L:AddColumn( "Tab1" )
L:AddColumn( "Tab2" )
L:AddColumn( "Tab3" )

L:AddLine( "Text", "A little more text", "So much text that it fills up the screen and makes me use \

and so
we are doing this now" )

hook.Add( “OnPlayerChat”, “OpenTheTextMenu”, function( ply, text )
if text == “!textmenu” and ply == LocalPlayer() then
return true
end )[/lua]