Text Editor Options

In the chance the game ships with a in-game text editor, would love to see support to enable vim style keybinds or maybe support to open files using external editors such as VS Code.


Absolutely no need to ship with an in-game text editor. Either code externally live like @WYVERN noted, or install an addon which has one, for whatever bizarre reason you want one.


Agree with this, trying to make a code editor in game serves no-one.


It’s always possible to crash or hang the game or fuck up the rendering context and boom your game is gone and the editor as well.

If you saved these changes that mess up the game with that in-game editor, how do you undo it without being able to open the editor (cuz it crashes with the game on startup lol)?

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Right, I wasn’t requesting the addition of an in game editor.

I’m more interested the capability to launch an external program (e.g… vs code) with arguments and listen for file system events from in-game.

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I don’t really think there’s a case scenario where you would be opening files from within the game itself. If this is the case, then that would go back to what they were saying earlier, where that would be making a file browsing system/text editor in game, which is practically useless.


The game autodetects changes made to folders, so any file can be edited however you want.


It’s already a thing, some servers like Metastruct even have built-in code editor right in the chat. Though, it’s not really used to change files, people mainly use it to make quick code snippets.