Text/Font Size

I’m drawing text on the screen and it works fine however, it’s far too small (Using the Budgetlabel font).

I then tired creating my own font to increase the size with the Budgetlabel font however it appears this just makes it arial or something, no-matter what font I put in here?

[lua]surface.CreateFont( “BudgetLabel”, 69, 700, true, false, “CASH_HUGE” )[/lua]

I want the font BudgetLabel but bigger. Kind of annoying how there is no font size variable.

[lua]surface.CreateFont( font name, size, weight, antialiasing, additive, new font name, drop shadow, outlined, blur )[/lua]

That’s exactly what I have done. It’s not using the “BudgetLabel” font. I’m beginning to think the problem is that BudgetLabel isn’t an actual font, and it uses another.

here is a list of all the fonts.

if you look in your c:/windows/fonts folder you can create fonts from those.

for example in gmod 13 trebuchet19 doesnt exist so i remade it using surface.Create(“Trebuchet 19” etc etc)

Your problem maybe that you’re using the same name for your new custom text as your previous one. Try typing gm_clearfonts in console then reload whatever it is you’re working on. Another option would be to just change the name of your new custom font to “customfontname2