text in a map.

like if i walk through a trigger, it types a text line on the screen. how?

EDIT: still looking for help…

EDIT2: texts aren’t working…

Create a point_servercommand and name it Server1 (or whatever). Then create a trigger_multiple with an output of OnStartTouch targeting Server1 (or whatever you named it) via the input Command with a parameter of Say Your Text Here (asterisks included). So the Output should look like this:

Hope this helped.

will it work if i put game_text then a trigger then set the output to display on touch?

Haven’t tried that myself, sounds like it should work. I just use that console command thing for Zombie Escape maps.

nope, doent work. damn. ill try your way.

is there a way to make the letters appear one at a time like a type writer?

Why don’t you stop copying stuff from the “Moving Things FEAR Style” thread, stop making one thread for one short question, and try to figure something out by yourself for once, instead of jumping right onto asking how to do it?

ffs man. im asking because i dont know how. its common curtsy to eather answer or dont say anything at all.

and im not copying. if that was considered copying, no one would be making maps because the person behind them would have already used that aspect.

Can’t be just a coincidence here.

Anyway, if you even took the time to look through the game entities (there really aren’t that many when you can just quickly scan them), you’d see “game_text”
Oh gee, I wonder what something called “game_text” could do? Even if you’re not sure, hit the “Details” button or whatever it’s called, and it gives you a definition of what it does! You’re just being lazy. “Because I don’t know how” is in no shape or form a legitimate excuse to not TRY to figure out.

i dont want to spend all my time opening garrysmod, then hammer, then garrysmod, then hammer, then garrysmod…

You don’t have to. You scroll through the entities box. You know, with your mouse wheel. That’s the little wheel inbetween your two main mouse buttons. The mouse is the thing you control the cursor with. The cursor is that white arrow on your screen. Get it now?


i dont want to keep testing it to so if it works. i want to get it right the first time.

maybe you should temporarily set VVIS and VRAD to no to test your entity work. Also, I think gmod had an issue with game_text’s - try it in episode 2

will do.

It does indeed. They don’t work at all.

game_text end of story, just use a trigger_once make OnStartTouch or something <name of game_text>, display text.

wow rageanomics there bud, chillax

I can also not get game_text to work…


did you read the thread? They don’t work on gmod, period.

HL2DM, still doesn’t work for me.

Try it in a single player game.

I guess you havent checked that thread. It is around 10 peoples that posts map videos there and half of them are inspired from the first one by janooba(think he spells like that…).
There is nothing wrong of being inspired by someone elses work.