Text randonly started printing in console and client every time someone talks?

Hey guys, I restarted my server last night and after the restart, every time someone types a message there is a list of commands that are printed in both console and to the client’s chat box:

Console Commands:
hcp_easyuse [0/1] - Should fireworks interacton use?
hcp_fragility [0/1] - Should fireworks ingniteon damage?
hcp_autoremove [0/1] - Should fireworks getremoved after burnt out
hcp_recoil [0/1] - Should fireworks havePhysic recoil

I haven’t changed the server files at all since early Friday, so I am confused as to why this would start happening. I can only think that either it’s a workshop add-on (we don’t have a fireworks addon), or that my server was hacked yesterday.

Has anyone seen these commands before?


Was caused by this add-on,

Creator has resolved this issue