Text rotation

I’ve been looking on the wiki and couldn’t find an answer. I am wanting to have the text be rotated. Something kinda like this


Well, what are you using to draw the text? Because one way I would guess (i doubt i’m right) is that you would assign a variable to w.e ur using to draw it then do like RotatingText:SetAngle( 0, Rotation )

and have Rotation on either Think or a Timer and have it Rotation = Rotation + 1…

And I didn’t use 3 numbers for the set angle cuz it’s only 2 dimensional so i don’t think you need the z-axis.

what about math.Approach

From my experience, there is no stock function that allows you to rotate text. You can always make a texture with said text, which can you rotate. Or use a 3D2D cam and rotate it in 3D space.

Ya I’m already using the 3d2d for the first line but it kinda surprises me that there isn’t any function to do this built in for the 2d draw and surface libraries. I guess it will look better as a texture anyways. Thanks for all your guys input.