text rows with tables?

so I tried making a table to be able to change text on a dframe paint with draw.simpletext

my table looks like this:

inforegistertext = {}
inforegistertext["TextCustomization"]  = "placeholder3", "placeholder2", "placeholder1"

the place I use this in looks like this inside a paint thing:

draw.SimpleText(inforegistertext["TextCustomization"], "testfont2",  w/2, 10 ,Color(255,255,255,255),TEXT_ALIGN_CENTER, TEXT_ALIGN_CENTER)

can someone tell me where I am making my mistake and how to fix this?

A table index can’t point to more than 1 thing.

is there a way to effectifly make the thing I want to do then?

local textses = {

draw.SimpleText(textses[math.floor(CurTime() % #textses) + 1], ...)

This should change the text every second.

looks intriguing but I meant to put text rows inside a panel, as in all at once

Then use

table.concat, or better yet, just have it as a single string.