Text Tutorial on weapon Modelling?

Hello there, I’m new to modelling, and considering probably most of you are better at modelling then me, I was hoping that someone could help me by pointing me in the direction of a weapon modelling tutorial. I’m asking because I’m trying to make a game, but that is a story for another time.

Best of luck with the game.


No sarcasm intended.

Well thanks, it’s nice to know not everyone is negative. I’ll be sure to give you a beta key if it reaches that stage.

In all seriousness, I need a modeling program and tutorials for it. I can’t spend 3500 USD on a modeling program.

Well, the program I’m using which seems quite good to me is Wings3D. Why not check it out?

That’s why.

I’ve got Art of Illusion, but there are no proper tutorials I can find for modeling in it.

You could try Milkshape, though finding tutorials for that is pretty hard aswell. Also it’s not free (but is pretty cheap).

Then theres XSI/Softimage Mod Tool which is free (but i can’t find a propper link for), but personally I find nightmarish to use but theres a decent amount of documentation for it on the Valve wiki.

And Blender which is free aswell and has a decent amount of documentation scattered around the web.

There’s some really sweet tutorial on ModDB for 3ds max, and for some reason the trail version isn’t working for me. So I’m watching the videos and trying to see how difficult it is to copy the steps into other programs.

Well I can always do the basic model then export to something else and do the animations then. :stuck_out_tongue:

the biggest tip i can give you for modeling anything realistic or not is do it from reference, be it a picture, drawing, combination of pictures edited, anything!

I remember making an SMG version of a Scar assault rifle by simply photoshopping it to look correct, and modeling that.

What? so you suggest modelling out a knife blindly is better than doing it with a picture? What the fuck are you smoking, especially considering he’s new I really encourage using a reference photo.

did you read at all FPSMango lol?

I didnt say not using a reference

I said whether it’s a realistic object OR not, USE one.

^ rereading it I can see where you might’ve made the mistake :slight_smile:
also @ OP
I hope you’re not as new to programming as you are to 3d, you’ll find programming takes alot longer to go from 2d to 3d, unless you’re doing a fairly generic sourcemod with no overly complex alterations.