Texture align on a angled brush

I know there isn’t a simple way to do this. but how would i go about rotating this texture more accurately?
as you look to the right you can see its starting to move up and off the brush. i go decimal by decimal on the texture rotation. but nothing seems to make it line up.
any help would be appreciated, thank you for your time.

select the underside of the walkway with the texture tool, then right click on the side. This will align the texture to the underside, then replace it with the texture you want.

Fixed it.

You can also try Alt+right click to continue a texture onto another face. Alt+right click is godly.

If you select the perpendicular railing, right click the front face, and hold alt the right click the top of the brush it will align the texture to the side that you selected before. Select the top face again while holding alt and once again right click the top of your slanted brush. This will apply the same texture settings to that face. The texture will needed to be rotated 90 degrees to work properly. Once this is dont, still having the top face selected use the BOTTOM alignment button. Finally hold alt, select the top face of the slanted brush and right click either side of it. This will fix your alignment issue 100%.

Thank you very much, all of your tips helped. I really appreciate it.