Texture and graphic issue! PLEASE HELP!


I have a graphic issue : When i go multiplayer in a map (wich i have to dwnload) I don’t see all textures instead i see Pink and black boxes… And when i look for example up the sky “multiplicates” Itself (like when you get an error and it opens new windows and it looks like there is thousands of boxes, well it does quite the same thing when i look at the sky for examplle i see houses that blink and…) and sometimes when i look at the ground i see trough it (only the ground)… I have tried to 1: Remove Steamapps/Luukki123/garrysmod/garrysmod folder and reinstall 2: delete local contenent and reinstall 3: re download the map 4 :Reduce and optimize graphics 5: download model packs like phx…

Im pretty desperated.

HP pavillon dv7

Graph. card : ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 Series Prossessor : Amd Turion x2 ultra mobile 2.2 ghz ZM 82 (64)

windows vista home prenium

Service pack 2

Ram 6Gt

I hope you can help me :slight_smile: THanks

It likely means you do not own Counter Strike Source or you may not have some of the custom resources that came with the map.

Make sure you downloaded all the materials needed for the map and plop them into addons.

the “multiplicates” is either 1. Means the map has no skybox so source just glitches out 2. You don’t have the game that the texture for the skybox is from

I downloaded every files that came when i tried to get into the server. But no i don’t own CSS (only CS), mayby preloading it helps? And I think it has a sky box coz the works fine for my friends.

That is more than likely your problem. A lot of stuff requires Counter Strike Source, especially role playing servers.

I dwnloaded from garrys mode page css texure packs but it don’t seem to help… Mayby that’s not the problem?

Woah slow down there that’s illegal.


Find the map on Garrysmod.org and download it.

No it isn’t if it’s just skins.

Hey, I downloaded the map 2 times and tried, didn’t work…

If the problem is that i don’t have css where can i dwnload it just for models, materials, textures and stuff??

Anyways Thx all for your help

Acquiring CS:S content without actually buying the game is illegal.

So what should I do? Just give up?

Buy CSS.


This is illegal also.

A LOT of stuff in GMOD requires CS:S. It is worth it.

k … :S