Texture Appearing as Block White (apart from bumpmap)

Porting some skyrim models and the floor texture for this hallway piece has a bright white texture, but the bumpmap shows as normal when using lamps and such.


    $bastexture "models\vasey105\skyrim\impfloormuddy01"
    $bumpmap "models\vasey105\skyrim\impfloormuddy01_n"

Can anyone see what I’m doing wrong here?

White is missing basetexture parameter. It’s missing because your $basetexture parameter is missing an e.

oh fuck me
i hawkeyed that vmt for like 10 minutes, i guess i was just mentally putting the e back where it was supposed to be

thanks man, appreciate that spot
suppose now i know for the future what it means if my texture goes white. #learning