Texture artists needed for mod "Operation Lambda"

Hello. I’m the lead mapper of the mod Operation Lambda. We are currently working hard to be able to release media on schedule, and we currently are in search of new texture artists.

Please visit our forum and the team application section if you think you would be a good member in the team.

We are looking for artists proficient in the following areas:
-Prop texturing (based off an uv-map)
-Environiment texture creation (textures for walls, grass, metal)
-Expertise in the use of vtf and vmt formats.
-Ability to create textures from scratch.

and to export textures to vtf and make vmt materials.

If you think you have the requirements, please write us here.

If only I could understand the XSI Mod Tool.

Do you have a moddb page?

For the millionth time:

Release media first.

I checked their site, they actually do have media. http://operationlambda.com/media/gallery.php?g=2 since the OP was too lazy to actually do it himself.

Looks better than average for a mod, but I still doubt it’s going to come to much. I especially doubt the story - it’s summarized as “Black Mesa scientist gets lost on Combine home world”, yet they have media for a bunch of modern military guns. I doubt they’ll manage to explain that properly.

I’m also doubting that all of their “developers” are actively working on it. With 30+ people, I’d expect more media than 28 pictures.

It will all make sense when you’ll get to play it.

But explain the 30+ people working on this project.

Maybe it’s just me, but I would not like working on a mod team that size. Hell, 10 people would be pushing it for me.

Then explain it. Only guess I can venture is that somehow, during the 7 Hour War, Dr. Watsisname briefly returns to Earth and there obtains weapons. Which seems rather circuitous, when the Combine Homeworld (should) have weapons that are a) more plentiful and b) more advanced. Since you haven’t shown any concepts for Combine weapons, I think you may need to rethink some of that.

Also, som of your guns are overused. Seriously, how many games are going to have the SPAS-12? If you need a heavy-duty military shotgun, at least use the SPAS-15 - same capabilities, but magazine-fed for faster reloading. Glock makes some sense, but if it was obtained from the US military, a M9 Beretta would make more sense, or even a M1911 Colt (many spec-ops units still use it, due to the high stopping power and quieter operation when silenced). Have to give you props for the HK21, though, provided you get the rate of fire represented properly in-game.

Love how the prototype HEV looks almost just like the HL1 HEV suit with a Halo helmet.