Texture black checkers

Uhm, got few problems with textures on map.
Few textures have 50% visible black checkers, what can it be and how to fix it?

Try placing cubemaps or run “buildcubemaps”.

Hm, i will try it, thx for advice :>



No, it’s GMod.
to DDR: It didn’t work :<<

Do you have a pic of the problem?

No :expressionless: Gonna screen it after i try to compile with HDR

Can you take a picture of it? It’s easier to help you then.

Running game


here they’re


So, what do i need to fix it?

OFFTOPIC Gotta take shower, brb in 5-10 mins

That’s something new, it looks kinda like a shadow or something, hmmm. Is it a custom texture?

That looks like an issue with a custom SSBumpmap, or at least that would be my guess.

Yeah, it’s a custom textures

It indeed uses bumbmap

Post the .vmt for it.

It’s probably not referencing the bumpmap right in the vmt.

Hm, one moment, i think i fixed it, bumpmap dir was wrong, wait few mins, gonna test it.

Everything is fixed.