Texture bug (Not purple and black squares)

My textures keep screwing up every time I play Garry’s Mod, I have found a temporary fix but it happens again within 10 minutes. (The fix is taking a screenshot, odd I know)

I have tried 2 re-installs, a system restore, 2 cache validations, changing settings and using DirectX versions 8, 8.1, 8.5, 9, 9.1, 9.0c, 10, 11. All with the same problem (Apart from 8 and 8.5 they just freeze the game at random).

Text also likes to mess up too.






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what did you re-install?
try re-installing your graphics drivers if you haven’t already

your graphics card is dying

Then why did it preserve the detail texture?

It only happens in Garry’s Mod, no other games (L4D, Tf2, CS:GO, Guns Of Icarus, etc)

I reinstalled my drivers too, forgot I had done that.

I just realized you’re on Windows XP, and you might not wanna hear it, but this is most likely the cause of your problem, not to mention because XP is unsupported now, not only will you have major security risks, but applications will start becoming incompatible. Your best option to fix this is to upgrade to Windows 7 or 8

I’m on windows 7 64bit.

Oh, ignore me then :v: it’s Facepunch reporting it wrong. Well, back to square one. Check your temperatures with HWmonitor

If it was tempeture or my GPU dying why does it only happen with gmod and why does taking a screenshot fix it?

I had temperature issues years back, and the only game that showed up the issues was Halo, and it wasn’t at all times either

I must admit though this is a very interesting bug, turning all the textures to potato quality.

Edit: Ok I can confirm it also happens with CS:S