Texture Bug That Wont Go Away (not the pink and black checkerboard)

Some of my textures in different maps are clear grids. Its like grid paper but the squares are bigger and the background is transparent. Its not the regular pink and black checkers for missing textures. I have the required games for textures, (all of the Day of Defeats, all of the counter strikes, all of the half lifes, tf2, etc.). I’ve already tried reinstalling, making sure textures are installed, deleting all of my addons. I unsubscribed from all addons and deleted the whole addons folder, deleted everything in my games folder and still nothing. I don’t really know how to describe it, so here are some pictures so somebody can hopefully identify this. Please help me fix this. [EDIT: I opened a CSS map, (office) and the walls were the same grid thing, the only parts that were normal, were the carpet, props, and some of the snow on the ground, then I openeds a HL2 map and everything was fine. ] https://imgur.com/a/DAwxU

the maps used were rp_downtonwn_v2 and someother jailbreak map.

Um, that definitely isn’t downtown_v2.
And it looks like a clear version of the phx plastic texture, and as far as I know that isn’t in the base game.