Texture Bug ! What the fuck !


Seriously ? Why ??? And how can I fix that ? It’s so ugly !!

getting the same thing

Yesterday it’s was okay ! Why changing that ! For framerates issues ? Need a option at least to turn on the grass…

same issue here :slight_smile:

This happens to me if I have procedural texturing on in the F2 menu.

Same here, spent a good hour looking for a fix and nothing. I’m glad that I at least found out others are having the same issue.

Same. I’m trying to download latest nvidia drivers, but it will probably not help.

You guys don’t read the updates don’t you ? garry said he’s disabled PVT.

Well he need to reactivate the pvt…

OMFG you people are never happy. Bitch bitch bitch about frame rates and “i cant play wha wha wha” then he does something to shut everyone up and this bs starts. I honestly do not understand why people who cant read play games that are under devlopement. Get a grip, it wont be like this forever and you can play with crappy textures for a week or two. We are TEStING afterall!!!

This has nothing to do with PVT.

As far as I am aware, PVT is Procedural Virtual Texturing. Turned off as it is now makes terrain shite! :smiley:

you are right about what it is, but wrong that this is the cause of the problem, allot of people have been playing with it off for quite some time. when you disable PVT it used the default textures (which look pretty nice) instead, however right now the default textures are missing.

I among others have been adding " terrain.pvt “False” " to our .cfg file for a while to have it off by default.

PVT isn’t responsible for the current terrain texture issues.

Here’s an image from Devblog 20 outlying the differences of having PVT off and on (off on the top, on at the bottom).
As you can notice, having PVT disabled does not produce the flat solid coloured terrain that we have been seeing since the last update, and hasn’t ever caused this issue when being disabled prior.

If anything, the Facepunch team have instead messed up the default texture atlas blending or similar.

look at the same argument over here sean, its frustrating to say the least… http://www.reddit.com/r/playrust/comments/2kx4j3/how_many_of_you_are_missing_ground_textures/

every uninformed person spouting that its PVT is really not helping the situation.

It’s OK, clam down. They are on it! https://twitter.com/MarkyHawthorne/status/528535578372222976

thank god.
now if they will fix the missing locks we will be all set.

Leaked alpha footage from Xbone edition

720P 24 fps bro! its gonna be sweet!

The more belligerent you get about it, the faster it will be fixed. Have you tried repeatedly sending angry private messages to postal yet?