Texture bug with prop

Hello. So I created these goggles in to a prop from BM:S scientists, and everything went fine except the textures on the models.
Basically it has become almost invincible, but it does have the textures on it. It seems like the texture is 10% in color or fill.

I know it does have the texture applied because of that small crack on the middle, since it is part of the texture, and the goggles are a bit white and have those black edges on the lenses.
My VMT file looks like this:

"$basetexture" "myproject/sci_glasses_goggles"
"$model" 1


Any kind of advice is welcome.

Are the normals facing the correct direction on the model?

Sorry, I am a bit new to modeling so I do not quite know what normals mean, but if it is something to do with 3dmax and all that, when I exported it the model looked perfectly fine with the textures applied and all. (ive already done a playermodel and all and that worked perfectly fine)