Texture bug


so my problem: when I put the texture (its a .tga file) to my model, in 3ds max, it looks like this:


And the good model:


So my models face bugged. How can I make my model right?



well, you should probably learn how to do unwrap before porting complex meshes like characters. the UVW on the face is all wrong

Sorry, but I dont understand you.

Well, he’s wrong to begin with. Looks like the head is using a different texture. I’d suggest finding it and applying it to the head.

true that, i did notice the lack of skin-tones on that texture haha…

Lacka if you don’t understand basic 3D modeling concepts I think you should learn before trying this, or you’ll just feel swamped constantly.

I tried with UVW Unwrap… But its mabe too hard for me :S

So… I downloaded the cod4 characters/models and I delcompliered these models with MDLDecompiler.
I converted the .vtf textures to .tga with Photoshop.

I imported the decompilered model with the ragdoll file in 3ds Max.

I have got 2 different texture files:

The head

The body

When I put the head texture, its looks like this:

And the body texture:

So it sets the texture to the full model. How can I set, where sets it to the correct place? The UVW Unwrap cant help me, I think.

Thank you,


Grab the material from the model (m, then use the pipette icon) apply the correct materials per ID.

Tanks man, its work.

Looks like a nice camo.