Texture Collaboration Project?

After some involvement in the Sim City 4 collaboration project, I started thinking that that a texture collaboration project for the mapping community here using Dropbox might be a great idea.

Some neat benefits:

  • Ever-updating custom texture database available to everyone involved.
  • Use textures made by others in your map.
  • When friends update/improve their textures that are being used in your map, those improvements are seen automatically on the next map load.
  • Assist or get assistance from others to make textures look better.
  • A great way to show off a texture or two at a time - no obligation to make a huge texture pack so it’s release-worthy.

We would basically share a folder inside materials called “facepunch_collab”, those involved would create a folder inside facepunch_collab using their username as the folder name.

I wouldn’t have time to direct this project myself, I’m just proposing the idea. The other issue is that the basic, free service for Dropbox is 2GB maximum. Otherwise, tell us what you think about this idea.

Use a FTP and use SVN that way we can just auto-update the textures directly when there are changes. If someone has a website with ftp maybe they could help with that. I believe that would be easier to deal with.

Dropbox is easier to use, FTP and SVN don’t have any real benefits over it for a project like this.

I support this fully, and will be making tons of shit textures.

Don’t make shit textures. make good textures :v:

Seriously, whenever I try, shit just keeps spreading all over my canvas. I can’t make a texture for my life.

It sounds like everyone thinks it’s worth a try. I may start something simple with Dropbox. 2GB might not be enough, but if we lay down some guidelines, such as no textures over 1024 x 1024, we will probably do alright for a while.

2GB can go really fast. I think a repository would go better. Then you can just checkout to your materials. Also dropbox automatically downloads the textures so if somebody made a change, you would have to redownload it, and move it.

You wouldn’t have to move it every time something is downloaded, you can use this to link a folder from Dropbox to anywhere. The plus to that as well is that people can choose to link it to any source game materials folder they want; ep2, hl2, css, etc.