Texture/Collision Model Glitch

Well, I know making your first post a help thread kind of gives a desperate vibe, but…
I recently found frankster’s MGS: Twin Snakes pack for download (it took me about 2 hours to find a working link) and…
Well, all the files were .obj, so I’m currently rigging and compiling them. And I go to the model viewer, all is fine.

When I put the model into gmod, however…

It’s all screwed up. I think it might be the texture (it causes some holes in the model) or the collision model (I don’t have a clue. I’m new to Source modeling).
Also, if anyone would like the model pack (for example: if you want to rig it yourself or check the textures) just ask me. I’m 99% sure your results will be better than mine.

your skeleton is breaking up inside of gmod. or those parts are just badly rigged.

Try grabbing the root bone in HLMV and rotating it.

Basically as a rule of thumb - source throws out every unrigged bone during compile even if it’s part of a bone chain.

Spine > spine1 > spine2

Let’s say spine1 is unrigged. It will get thrown out during the compile and the bone link between spine and spine2 will break. (of course it depends on other things as well, but this is a small rule of thumb)

I tried rotating the root bone and it worked out fine (the rest of the model rotated with it) except for some parts of the suit. I’m going to try weighting those and I’ll see if it works.
EDIT: Yep, looks like it was the weighting. I forgot to include some vertices (my bad!) but it should be fixed in a couple of hours. Thanks!

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I also have a texture problem (which is this thread’s title, so, no point in making a new one).
The thing is, the model has a few holes. And that’s weird, because the .3ds (non-textured file) doesn’t have any, but adding any texture makes them appear.
Unifying models, however, just adds more holes. I also tried deleting the faces, but they weren’t doubled. Any thoughts?

I am having nearly the same problem with the peach i imported:


Try checking the alpha channel for the textures. There might be spots that are blacked out, which will cause holes to appear.

you sure some of your faces aren’t flipped actually?

Yeah, it was actually flipped faces. On your case, fireflamesnip, it’s probably unrigged bones (as wraithcat said) or a weighting problem, try to reweight your model and see if it works.

That’s what I am gonna work on when I get home later today, ill let you know the outcome