Texture don't work

I added texture to GMOD just putting materials into addons folder. Texture is showing in texture menu but isn’t work. What to do?

try using the custom folder adding a folder “my_custom” in that put a folder called my_textures in that put a folder called materials then in that put ur textures :slight_smile:

Still don’t work.

does the texture work if you place it in the materials folder of gmod ?


can u post a link to the .vtf and .vmt so i can take a look :slight_smile:

It’s basic .vtf exported from VTFEdit.

did you restart hammer when you moved the textures around ? , did you reselect the texture after you moved it to another folder? and did you save the .vtf as DTX1 ??

I don’t want to use them in Hammer, I want to use them in Garry’s Mod lolz

I’m lost now :confused: so correct me if i’m wrong you have a lua script that in gmod you press a key a texture browser opens you click the texture you want and it’'ll appear in gmod ?

I have texture file. And I want to use them in Garry’s Mod. I just want to make “model reskin”, but original .gma file is “locked”.

So you are saying you want to reskin stuff, or you want to add that to the material tool for using that material??

Well. When I tried to reskin, my model was white. That’s why I want to add to material tool.