Texture Error trying to convert the Portal original texture

First of all:If this problem is fixed, i ONLY upload this version of PortalGun if i have permission of Mahalis
Ok,here is the screens with the bug and info:
How can i fix this?

As far as I know, the Portal Gun doesn’t work in GMod anymore. The upgrade to the new engine broke the SWEP

No isnt this, this error is fixed by thecakeisntalie, im only talking how to make the inactive portal middle work using the original game texture.

are you fixing the portal gun? Awesome! You should upload this if you get Mahalis’s permission.

I have fixed it!
IMG HERE!:http://img35.imageshack.us/img35/114/escape020000.jpg

You still got the black borders though. If you have edited these textures in some way with an image editor, you should make the areas around the portal have an alpha value to have the correct transparency.

I have Corel Photo Paint and i use to convert the VTF Edit,how can i make this,im new to the image editing.

He did get rid of the black borders at one point (or so it seems).

The problem appears to be image editing. And apparently…rendertargets.