Texture errors for custom skins (GARRY'S MOD)

I am making a Border Patrol skin for the LCPD cruiser in the Sickness Model Pack. LINK: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=923394

I use the Easy Bodygroup Tool to change my skins. It will not let me go to 4, i put the ecpd_badge3 on my desktop and my custom skin in the ecpd folder in materials, then i renamed it to ecpd_badge3. (it was ecpd_badge4) The size of all the skins are 512 X 512. I open up the game, the Minnesota State Police Skin is still there, but the badges are just purple and black textures.

In VTFEdit, When I made it a VMT, made it VertexLitGeneric.

I need help with these skins. If i am in the wrong spot for this thread. Please tell me and i will change it. Thanks :smile: -Portalnoclip