Texture Errors Games are installed.

I was playing GMod Stranded last night and my power went out, upon logging back in I was getting errors for the trees and plants in the game and have no idea how to fix it.

Before anyone suggests it here is the list of games that I have running and everything was working 100% before the computer got shut off.

Garry’s MOD
HL2: E1
HL2: E2
HL2: Lost Coast
Portal 2

I have checked all the game cache and everything comes back fine. I have also reinstalled garrys mod and still it is giving me the errors for the trees and bushes on the map. Any suggestions?

some gamemodes have their own updaters or addons that are needed to run all the new textures they have added to the game. Garrys Mod Towers is an example. If you are MAC, your legacy addons, don’t work, and they wont work till Garr Bear fixes it for us.

PC, you should have no problem finding the addon online, simply search garry’s mod (game mode) addons

then install it into your Garrysmod/garrysmod/addons folder

I had this problem too. First, try deleting all your addons then if didn’t work you have to reinstall your gmod. Then when you reinstall your gmod, make sure to run CS:S and join a server then come back to Garrysmod.