Texture errors

So I just bought and downloaded Gmod and every time I try to play online the map will have funky textures. Example, http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/23/gmododdtextures2.jpg/ .
I figured it might just be an issue with the servers themselves, but when I play single player, while the effect isn’t as noticeable, there are still issues. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/692/gmododdtexturesn.jpg/ What is this, and how can I fix it?

It’s if you don’t have the source game that the map uses textures/models from. Like for that map, I think you need CS:S. I had this problem when I just got the game like 2 days ago but I just downloaded all the content from places and put it in my gmod directory.

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Downloading the content without having the game is illegal.

Chaos, ignore this moron.

Purple and black checkerboard textures mean that the map or prop uses textures from a Source engine game that you don’t have mounted.

You’ll need to buy the games, the most common one being Counter Strike: Source. Most maps use CSS so get it.

What about Half Life 2, I’m bought that as well and am just downloading it right now?

There are some textures that are only in CS:S so you will need to buy it (and install it and launch it once) if you want to play on most maps without any of those icky purple/black squares

what’s your steam account?

Ugh, guess I can’t play till I can get my hands on that. I won’t be playing any games any time soon, these downloads are taking forever -_-.

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doesn’t work

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I replied in an edit I made to a post before yours, but I’ll repeat it. TragedyXIII

and i just told you, it doesn’t work. just give me a link to your profile

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Well you appear to own HL2, which also has lots of useful textures (along with it’s episodes) but CSS is basically required these days in gmod since most maps for just about every gamemode uses CSS textures.

Just be smart and don’t pirate, pirating is illegal and could end badly for you some day if you were to do it.

I figured this would be the case. It’s unfortunate, I really bought Gmod because I played it on a friends computer a while back and had a lot of fun playing online. I’ll try to get my hands on CS:S when I can. Thanks everyone for helping out.

To be honest this is pointless… You buy gmod and you have to buy 2 other gams to play it properly, it all adds up… My friend can run it done with no texture issues and he doesn’t have hl2 or cs:s