Texture FAILS AT LIFE, help?

Well, this texture i made fails at life, or maybe me, or both? Regardless when i apply this texture to a derma i get this-

And that black spot just jumps around oh so annoyingly.

Here is my VMT

    "$basetexture" "hudofwin/hudback"
    "$translucent" 1

Don’t you need $basetexture?

You need to specify the name and location of the texture itself.


And it’s [noparse] www.url.shit.com [/noparse].

Told you i fail, however that did not fully fix it, its more stable now but when my flashlight is on, and sometimes when i move, the image still goes back to spazing with black lines/triangles as in the screenshot

New VMT at top of post

change “LightmappedGeneric” to “VertexLitGeneric”

“LightmappedGeneric”=Hammer brushes/entities
“VertexLitGeneric”=Source Models

Source: http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/VMT

No luck on that change, but thanks for the attempt! :smiley:

    "$basetexture" "hudofwin/hudback"
    "$model" "1"
    "$translucent" "1"

Try that.

A little bit better, but still quite ugly and buggy. Im applying this texture to a surface that’s on my HUD, if that helps

Maybe that’s your local bug? Problems with videocard or something? Try it on another computers.
Upload here if you want.

I don’t know if all of these keyvalues are needed, but here it is anyway:

	"$basetexture" "MiniTankWars/US_Flag"
	"$vertexcolor" 1 
	"$vertexalpha" 1 
	"$nolod" 1
	"$ignorez" 1

(Ripped out of one of my gamemode’s HUD vmts, if you coulnd’t tell)

$vertexcolor and $vertexalpha may be unneeded, but I’d keep the others.

That did not help much, but thanks anyway

Thats one of the materials, its doing the same as the overall hud


I just discovered hit has something to do with the map, i changed map from flatgrass to flatgrass school and it was much nicer.


Works in MP, not sure why but heh, not complaining. Thanks to everyone who helped!