Texture Groups Question

I have theses lines of code in the .qc file:
$texturegroup skinfamilies
{ “Blue(stock)” “f_diva_mik001_necktie” "f_diva_mik001_skirt }
{ “orange” “f_diva_mik001_necktie_orange” “f_diva_mik001_skirt” }
{ “orange” “f_diva_mik001_necktie_” “f_diva_mik001_skirt_orange” }
And it doesn’t seem to be working, as in i use the easy bodygroup tool and i only see the model groups the addon comes with. (although in-game i see the bodygroups i changed one as of the two i have selected but is unchangeable) any help would be much appreciated :wink:

The bodygroup tool only changes bodygroups. Try the Skin Switcher tool instead.

EDIT: Nevermind, I was wrong.

Try adding that last " on the first line and see what happens, typos=uh-ohs

Or just remove them all. Quotation marks are only necessary when you have spaces in your names.

EDIT: It’s true. Try it yourself and see.

Hm… that helped, but if i use the texturegroups (which isn’t really working correctly) i get a missing texture, where are you supposed to have the texture files and what should it look like in the code?

SergerantJoe, it’d probably be a good idea to try some of this yourself. Quotation marks are critical in the correct places, and the QC does require them in quite a few.

Your VMTs should all be in the folder you described with $cdmaterials, and your setup for the texturegroups should follow this format:

$texturegroup "Name" {
{ "material_1_a.vmt" "material_2_a.vmt" }
{ "material_1_b.vmt" "material_2_b.vmt" }

The part with “Name” doesn’t really matter, as it’s not visible anywhere. It’s just for internal purposes, so you can remember what the skingroups are for should you ever revisit it.

The missing texture is probably the one you’ve specified as “f_diva_mik001_necktie_”, as it appears you’re trying to make three groups – one is the original, the second with an orange tie and plain skirt, the third with a plain tie and orange skirt?
Try removing the underscore there, and make sure all materials are properly enclosed in quotations and brackets, and it should work out fine.

Just because MDLdecompiler spat it out doesn’t mean it’s 110% correct.

I almost never use quotes, and I’ve gotten no problems from it.

$texturegroup name
     { material_1_a  material_2_a }
     { material_1_b  material_2_b }

I prefer to do it that way, it’s much more efficient and organized.
That also how Valve does it too. Try it yourself and see.

EDIT: Well nvm, Valve uses quotes, but still, it never made a difference for me.

No one ever mentioned anything about what Decompiler spits out. Most of the things it throws into the QC are useless anyway…

My experience with QCs over the last three years is that it’s generally a better habit to place something that’s specifically named in quotes than to forgo them.

Well it just means more room for error in case you forget one somewhere, but whatever. The end result is exactly the same.

But why the .vmt extension? That’s just redundant.

For me, it’s a holdout from an earlier version of the engine that’d give an error if you failed to specify “.vmt”. I kept it, since it makes it easier for me personally to make distinctions when the final code looks like this.

$texturegroup "Armor" {
{ "usif_base_armor_a.vmt" "usif_base_muscle_a.vmt" "usif_base_helmet_a.vmt" "usif_blitz_helmet_a.vmt" "usif_stealth_helmet_a.vmt" "usif_aegis_helmet_a.vmt"}
{ "usif_base_armor_b.vmt" "usif_base_muscle_b.vmt" "usif_base_helmet_b.vmt" "usif_blitz_helmet_b.vmt" "usif_stealth_helmet_b.vmt" "usif_aegis_helmet_b.vmt"}
{ "usif_base_armor_c.vmt" "usif_base_muscle_c.vmt" "usif_base_helmet_c.vmt" "usif_blitz_helmet_c.vmt" "usif_stealth_helmet_c.vmt" "usif_aegis_helmet_c.vmt"}
{ "usif_base_armor_d.vmt" "usif_base_muscle_d.vmt" "usif_base_helmet_d.vmt" "usif_blitz_helmet_d.vmt" "usif_stealth_helmet_d.vmt" "usif_aegis_helmet_d.vmt"}

And to answer the edit on your first reply to the thread… we disagreed because that’s simply not true.
The Easy Bodygroup Tool (which he specified), and any Bodygroup Tool I’ve used for that matter, show both skingroups and bodygroups.

Well ok, that was my fault then. I haven’t used gmod for who knows how long now.

Also, for spacing I just hit the spacebar twice. But then again, I suppose it’s all a matter of personal preference. The end result will always be the same.

True enough. :smiley:
D’you suppose pryomaniacguy’s fixed his problem?

Well, he didn’t really give us any specific information as to what exactly the problem was, so I assume so.

What i am trying to do is have a model with different hair and clothes texture colors and i want quite a few of them, so that requires all the reskinned textures changing at once using the easybodygroup tool and the textures to work (obviously). so with wanting that, how exactly should i have the code look in the .qc? . (I don’t want you to do the work for me so please explain how you exactly do it :wink: )and is my current setup how it should be? also, the i put the VMTs in the $cdmaterials folder and am still getting the missing texture

Also, I’m a bit Corn-fused on what i am supposed to put in the .qc and what i am supposed to put in the texture.vmt files. You’re supposed to put this in .qc file:
$texturegroup “Color” {
{ “Blue(stock)” “f_diva_mik001_necktie” “f_diva_mik001_skirt”}
{ “orange” “f_diva_mik001_necktie_orange” “f_diva_mik001_skirt”}
{ “orange” “f_diva_mik001_necktie” “f_diva_mik001_skirt_orange”}
And this in the texture.vmt:

$bodygroup “Bluetie”

studio "C:\Program Files(blah blah blah)bluetie.vtx

You put that in the VMT? Who the heck told you that?

At this point it would be best to just zip up your entire project folder and send it to one of us, because there is something seriously messed up here.

Alright, but please tell me how to fix it, don’t just fix it and send me the damn thing. https://www.dropbox.com/s/tq92qjs8h0rpqbs/Hey%20facepunchingtons!.zip By the way refering to the whole VMT thing, is just something i tried after many, many failures.

Well, okay, right now I see nothing wrong with the model itself, although your skins are broken, and I see why.

In your $texturegroup you have: “f_diva_mik001_necktie_orange”. But in your materials folder you have “…orange.VTF”, but no “…orange.VMT”.

All .vtf files need to have a corresponding .vmt file.

Alright, thanks. and for my FINAL thing i need done. (if all goes well) The skins are switching one by one and i want them to all switch at same time and only have one group each. and the wiki just confuses me to no end, so what should the setup look like for changing a lot of texturegroups at once and only using one texturegroup? (In the menu)