Texture help pls

so, i’ve had gmod for a while now, and i’m sick of the pink and black checkered texture errors. The game i’m missing for most of the maps is cs:s, but i don’t currently have plans to buy it (low on cash). is there a texture pack or texture “replacement/fix” pack for cs:s.

ur time is appreciated and thank you in advance.

p.s. if i can at least change the friken wireframe/checkered gay colors, that would be nice too i guess. but i prefer a pack. and im not going to use bittorent, so dont bother suggesting that.

First off, if you don’t have the orange box or Ep. 2, that is definitely the reason for bad textures. But no, I don’t believe there is a pack of the CSS textures, you’d be better off saving up and buying it.

i dont have the orange box, but i do have ep 2 and hl2

full list of source games (non-mods)

hl2 dm
hl2 lost coast