Texture is not showing up right

Ok I want to make this texture in vtfedit int an .png 1024x1024

but all i get ist this

i think its a massive downscaled version but why?

sorry for the big pics i thought u should see everything

Try resizing it in a different program first?

resizing to what ?

As in, is the image 1024x1024 before you put it in VTFedit? If not, try resizing it in paint.net or similar to 1024x1024 and saving it as a .tga

the texture is now perfect in the game but the background is not tranparent.
i tried with this formats tga tiff.
but the background is still black

You need to make sure there is an alpha channel on the original image.

I hate DXT. I always use RBGA8888, it never caused any problems.

Simply tick View -> Mask
Your texture is fine, It’s just not showing you the alpha mask.

Change the normal format to dxt 1

Ugh, that’s wasting memory space - only do it on stuff you need to be uncompressed, such as UI elements … and maybe really high-quality and commonly used normal-maps.

Also, it helps to be in BGR not RGB.

i got the texture to show up correctly but the background is always white.
I think i know why but how i can edit the normal maps?