Texture Issues

A while back I got the Daft Punk player models and they didn’t have any issues. Now it seems that the shiny helmet textures are missing, as is the case with other models with shiny textures that have never had issues until now, help?

Are you running a custom map? If you are, and you haven’t made any cubemaps, that might be the issue. Since shiny stuff most often use local env_cubemaps to produce somewhat-ralistic reflections they show up reflecting the default black and purple checkered texture when they can’t find any. To add cubemaps to your map, simply add an env_cubemap entity in about chest level or something. Then open the console in-game and write:


Thanks a ton, this is much appreciated, as that seems to be the problem!

Yeah, it was, the models run normally on construct, once again, thanks a bunch!