Texture Misplacement Problem

Hi, I’m not really new here, been here a while, but I’ve not had anything to post. But I’m having a problem. I’ve been trying to do a headhack, putting a citizen’s head onto Alyx’s body. It compiles fine, and is a perfect ragdoll, but the textures are misplaced on the model. The Alyx body texture is fine, so are the eyes and mouth, but the actual texture for the head of my model isn’t where it should be. When I apply the texture in my 3D program it appears fine, but when I compile it’s been put in the wrong place. I have no idea what it wrong with it or how to fix it. Can someone help, please?

I’ve used Milkshape, which applies textures fine. 3DS Max, that applies textures fine, but Softimage XSI doesn’t seem to like tetxtures, or bones for that matter.



Anyway, in the .vtf of your head texture, untick Clamp S and Clamp T using VTFEdit.