Texture missing on a specific server?

So I was messing around in the console because certain textures were all bloomy on this specific server and someone said something about turning hdr off. So, after doing a crap ton of stupid commands, one REALLY messed things up, and it was like buildworldblocks or something like that. I COMPLETELY uninstalled gmod, but when I reinstall it, it has all of my data I had before I uninstalled it, like my history of servers. So my question is, how can I fix the textures for the specific server?

EDIT: It seems like my textures aren’t working for ANY servers

EDIT #2, I fixed the textures on all servers except for the server I was screwing with console commands. I have all of the required textures.

You either need Half life (Episode 1 and 2) or Counter Strike

If you have both of these it should work fine on any server!