Texture not aligning to brush properly

I can’t for the life of me figure out why this texture isn’t aligning properly.

The texture is a 256x256 image
The brush is 64x64

If I shift the texture up, the black line will go away but the bottom of the texture will have part of the top of the texture.






Already tried that, tried all off the justify options.

It’s off centre by like 0.5 of a unit

Then it’s the vtf compression, try turning off mipmaps, sharping, and LOD.

Still no luck


Give me the source

All in the original post


The texture is already aligned perfectly. The black/purple lines you’re seeing are caused by the filtering.

To best maintain the appearance of pixel art sprites and tiles, import them at their original size, use the BGR888 format, disable mipmaps and enable the Point Sample flag.

To clarify: the Point Sample flag is the most important here, since it disables texture filtering. Also, importing at the original size might not give the best results if the tile/sprite dimensions aren’t powers of two. In that case, it might be preferable to scale them up and to use a compressed texture format.

Did the trick, thanks for that

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May aswell post the WIP while I’m at it