Texture Only Visible with Flashlight

I’ve done a lot of searching, but this problem has been pretty persistent.

I’m attempting to put a custom texture on a billboard entity, but when in-game, it’s pitch black, and it’s only visible if you shine the flashlight on it. There are several (hammer) lights on the billboard and even a separate one directly in front of the billboard, but it’s still black unless you shine a flashlight on it?

Anyone have any suggestions?

Post the vmt. Also we have two question mega threads.

It could be a problem with the bumpmap/normalmap. Does it have one?

Perhaps you’ve set the texture to act as a model texture rather than a brush texture? I’ve caused some trippy lighting errors before by doing that.

I bet the texture is from a game like l4d, or newer and it gots a detail texture that uses ssbump maps wich are dark, saddly those detail modes dont work in the orangebox branch so they are overlayed to the main textures as a multiplicate layer in photoshop. and also they react to the flashlight, so…

Now, if what you are talking about is a model it must be that the light origin of it is inside a brush so that brush is making a shadow over the model, try adding a info_lighting, name it and point to it in the prop_static “Lighting Origin” keyvalue.
if that dont work try making the clipping bush not solid or recompile the model changing its origin.