Texture pack issue?

I was playing fine on a server, but then it changed maps, to one which I had played a few times before, but for some reason my textures were all messed up. Players were showing a bright red, but the weapons models were perfectly fine. Also, I was able to see through walls, and see players across the map. Can anyone help with this? I have a legitimate copy of Counter-Strike: Source, no add-ons, or mods so, I don’t know what it could be from. I want to keep playing, but if this keeps happening, I don’t feel right, because it seems almost like using a hack.


Sorry, must have been an error uploading it. Here’s the link though:

Is this only in this server?
Did it fix upon rejoin/restart?
Has this happened on only 67th way?

It began on ttt_whitehouse about midway through, as soon as another round began, where I could see every player, and then it continued through the next map cycle, until my game ended up crashing. It has gone away though, and all textures are normal, but I have heard of others having the same issues. I have had other cases though where all of my textures would just disappear to the purple and black checkers, but I don’t know if those two are related. I may just reinstall both Garrys Mod and Counter-Strike: Source and see if that solves the problems. Side note though, just before the issues, my console is usually spammed with a bunch of “texture missing” errors.

Do you have HL2, any episodes, or portal? Also did you already move CSS to steampipe? Lastly, has this only happened on one server?

I do not own any HL2 games, episodes, and only own Portal 2. And I’m a noob with this stuff, so I’m not sure what steampipe is, and yes, it only happened on this one server, as it’s the only one I play on.

Garry’s Mod is usually next to useless without HL2 or CSS. Buy either or, they are cheap as dirt, and will probably be a couple dollars during this summer’s Steam sale.

I recommend them both actually.

Have you started up CSS lately, and if so was there any pop ups telling you to “convert to a new, more efficient format”?

I have CSS installed, and play it, keep it up to date

No, when I start it up it goes right to the game, no texture issues, or console errors. I have deleted the local content and reinstalled both though, just to be sure all files are correct and uncorrupted.

Get TF2 for the content, it helps a lot.

On a more important note, go to your garrysmod root folder and tell me of you see any .mdmp files

No, I did not see any mdmp files before reinstalling. So far I don’t have any issues playing it right now. Maybe it was just a file that was messed up. Thanks for the help though