Texture Pack W.I.P

I am taking requests from people who would like textures in the pack, currently here is an example of some of the textures

BIG IMAGE showing 64 textures that are currently in the pack.

These all have normal maps specular maps that are decent, easily readable vmt files if you want to remove or alter any textures.
Currently the categories are as so: (able to add more if needed)
So if you want any textures included in this pack let me know and ill make sure to make to get it into the pack.

I have been a mapper for a long time now, and I would like to make a nice texture pack to help the community make nice maps and have easy access to lots of textures.

Should the textures requested be in vtf format or can they be in jpg format or something like that?

Some of those are pretty familiar :v:

cgtextures much?

Is there something wrong with cg textures? Lots of people don’t know how to make textures and why not use a resource that makes it easier so I can allow for more textures for the pack.

Doesn’t matter what format

na it’s cool man, It’s a good idea to have a pack of these in Source format, I’m sure a lot of people here use those textures. I’m not sure how many you plan on doing, but let me know if you need help “converting” them to Source.

I should have it pretty well wrapped up, currently I have more than the image I have shown above. Not sure how many more, but over 64 so far lol.

I should be okay with converting them myself crazybump and photoshop helps a ton.

Any idea when these will be released?

This is a really nice pack.

Shouldn’t be to long, I am thinking of having the spec maps all commented out so people can adjust them to their liking if they even want spec maps.

These textures look sexy.