Texture Problem In Maya

Every time I try to texture in maya I get this kind of UV image and projection:


I’m not sure how to fix it, maya is on default settings but for some reason it blurs and disfigures the actual image that i’ve made and makes the model look hedious!

What do i do to fix it so it projects the actual image in the right order onto the UV map?
(i’ll upload the finished model)

The only way I could see why it is making this is because when you apply the texture it stretches out. I don’t have maya, I use milkshape for the texturing. But, maybe if you try looking in your tools, there could be a texture coordinator (I think in maya its called UV texture Editor) hope it helps.

Bump, someone please help i need to fix it so i can start doing organics with plains to help !!!

Does anyone bother to help or is this thread just getting blanked?

I think your problem may be not that many people use Maya, so we don’t know what the buttons/process are for what your asking :S