Texture problem with a map (which I think uses custom textures) from a bhop server

I decompiled a bhop map bhop_eazy_v2
And I have cs:s, cs:go, and all mountable games from valve complete mounted.
In-game the map just seems fine:

But when I open it in hammer (decompiled using some program):

I only see white textures.
Do I have to install something to make it work? I’m confused.
I tried opening the map using CS:S hammer.exe
I couldn’t try with CS:GO hammer.exe because i couldnt find it but I don’t need it anyways I guess?

This is the equivelent of the purple and black squares. Its just missing textures

I know it is. But why is it happening? I think the map uses textures from cs:s but I have it mounted though. Idk how to make textures work in hammer.

open the bsp with a program like pakrat and extract the materials

This doesn’t help. I put the extracted files into materials folder located in garrysmod/garrysmod and when I typed in filter “eazy” I got only missing textures:

did you extract both the vmt and the vtf?

i think so because there were both formats i just copied them to steamapps/common/GarrysMod/garrysmod/materials
I verify I did that. I used pakrat also as you mentioned it…

open the vmt in notepad and make sure the path is correct

You have to ensure that the directory structure is the same. For instance, if the VTF and VMT files inside the BSP were in the materials/custom/eazy/ directory, you need to copy them to your steamapps/common/GarrysMod/garrysmod/materials/custom/eazy/** directory. (You can also place them in a different location if you want, but then you need to modify the texture paths in each of the VMT files.)

I opened one of the vmt’s and thats what is in it:
“$basetexture” “Hammer Textures/eazy2/31_eazy_web_blue_1”
“$translucent” 1
So $basetexture says “Hammer Textures/eazy2/”
That means I must put the files in
materials/Hammer Textures/eazy2?

EDIT: It worked, I did that, restarted Hammer and it worked. Thanks for mentioning the bsp program thingy also.