Texture problem

Hi I’m having problems with rust I’m getting large amounts of textures tearing and not loading aswell as artifacting aswell only happens on rust.

Pc specs
AMD piledriver forgot which but is 8cores
Radeon hd 7770
16 Gb of RAM

same for me man im using a 7850 just posted a vid up on github


I get the same problem I’ve tried multiple things to no avail. This thread might help you though it didn’t really help me. I’m also using a 7850 (Saphire OC edition) I did have mine OC’d I reduced my OC and this helped a little. Also Chrome is working best for me though Firefox used to work better. The below article seems to point it to Unity being limited to 2GB of ram because it’s 32bit.


256 - SSD
8GB Ram
Asus Z87 pro

I’ve reduced the overclock on mine and it did nothing, probably have a play around with it some more later on.

I think the Ram is main issue. I’ve tried rolling back drivers and new beta’s but that did nothing either.