Texture problem

I was preparing a skin pack for the vending machine, well, I made the skins 4 times the original size (the original is 512x512)
the problem is that it only renders 47 of 106 you can render the first 47 skins or the last 47 skins, but only 47 skins, because it won’t render all the other skins, if you still spawn the model, it’s black.
Could it be a kind of limitation?
EDIT: I noticed that the TF2 ragdolls had a similar problem, could it be the same problem?
PS: I didn’t post the .vmt because it’s the same as the original .vmt that comes along with the original valve vending machine texture

I really need to fix this, please help me

I’ve solved it compressing the textures (I first saved them as uncompressed textures with alpha so they were about 4 times larger than now)