Texture problem

Most foliage (bushes, tree canopies, etc.) and some props are translucent when they should be opaque.

An example:

windows 7 64bit
4gb RAM
ASUS 9800GT 1gb

Please help, I posted in the help and support thread, I got no response.


no-one know the problem?

Seems like thats not texture what fails but probably options. See appearance options.


Also what is this prop ? Static or Physics ?

Part of the map, some physics props are also translucent As I said the same happens to foliage/grass/etc. And I’ll look at the options again. :slight_smile:

That screenie is from the freespace map, looking at the bridge.

nope, options do nothing. Also happens in other source games like battlegrounds 2.0, or hl2)