Texture Problem!

I recently bought a copy of Garry’s Mod, it’s a very excellent game. I had problems when I joined to other public servers, the props came out in pink and black square tiles. I only own a copy of Portal, Half-Life 2: Deathmatch and Half-Life 2: Lost Coast, the game says it only requires one game which has Source Engine. If not, Do I have to purchase all the games in the ‘Extension’ list in the main menu?

If there’s another way I can download the texture, that would be most helpful (:

Buy CSS that way you shouldent run into that problem again too often, many maps, gamemodes, servers, etc require you to have CSS anyway.

sometimes on servers people might be using phx3 which is a pack full of props

you can download it from garrysmod.org

Thank you guys for the help, If my friend let me borrow his account to download counter-strike: source would that fix my problem or does counter-strike: source has to be on the account garry’s mod is on.

You just have to have the mateirials and models.

No, it needs to be owned by the steam account you play gmod on. Unless he made it into an addon, but that would be piracy. And HL2:DM + HL2:LC do not count as having the HL2 shit, so you will continue to see a LOT of missing textures, OP. GJ on spelling ‘materials’ too, Desum.