Texture problems after rust Update :(

Hi guys having slight issue with rust after the Update… when viewing the buildings like stairs or railings the textures seem to just be white on 1 side this also includes the doors too i have uninstalled the game and re installed but still having same problem as you can see from this screen shot… anybody else having this problem? or have any ideas on how to fix it?

Hey, you are not alone, same problem here.

Really?! glad im not the only 1 :confused: i mean it was working great the other day not sure what to do to fix it i been asking people in game if they have the same issue they all say there’s are working fine …

Yea me too, guess only few players have this visual bug. Hope someone will help us.

Hi again ok after lots of asking around i have found the solution what you do is launch steam select rust in your list then right click and Opt out of Beta then try launching the game it will do an update and that should sort the problem out

what graphics cards do you guys have? probably a compatability glitch that will be sorted out in a few updates.

mine is all fixed now i just opted out of the beta and ran the game normally works fine now