Texture problems in Source rendering

I’ve been trying for a very long time to port CSGO and L4D2 maps to GMod, and have had been rather succesfult so far, but there are two issues that need fixing, and I hope someone can help with them.

  1. info_overlay problem

On a few CSGO maps, there’s this issue that seems connected to the texture itself. Most info_overlay’s are fine, but some aren’t.

Pic 1 / Pic 2

What happens is that the fault info_overlay’s tend to flicker, be completely black or appear shredded.

  1. Incorrect texture problem

On practically all L4D maps, almost all dead bodies have this texture problem that some other people have probably encountered too.

Pic 1 / Pic 2

I tried to trace the textures, which are located in materials/models/infected/common/l4d2, but I can’t find the correct ones. They have got to be somewhere though.

If anyone has even the solution to one of these problems, it’d be wonderful.

I’m fairly certain that newer versions of source uses version 5 of vtf, whilst gmod and older source engine games use version 4. Try converting those vtf files to version 4. As for the L4D2 problem, it seems like there’s some missing shaders or something, look around in the vmt for any l4d2 specific shaders it is using and replace it with something that gmod uses (e.g. vertexlitgeneric etc)

OK, I tried reconverting the info_overlay’s but it didn’t help. I guess I’ll have to delete them for now.

For the other issue, I eventually found this thread that explains how that problem cannot be fixed. Great. I’ll have to find something else.

The corpse problem is due to the shader