Texture problems

Right so basically ive got issues with a few addons which are as follows:

Sittable chairs
Ultra biggest_fort



Now the first three are all installed to my addons folder but non have shown up in game, I have no extra npcs, no sittable chairs and the fort has never been seen! where have I gone wrong with these? are they in the wrong folders?

Haax works fine but the hands arnt textured but its only Dr Wallace Breen’s hands and I have hl2 installed so I don’t get that either ?

The last is a map obviously and when I load it up there are lots of errors and the pink and black checkered everywhere, which textures does this map use?

I’m sure youve seen all these problems before and before you say yep I did a search but seen as these are specific addons I didnt find anything. anyway any help would be muchly apreciated thanks


Yes, im sure you installed the first 3 addons wrong.
Sittable Chairs = We already have 'em on gmod.
Totsters_Extra_NPC_Addon = Probably old/badly packaged.
Ultra biggest_fort = Wrong installation, its either a save or an ADV duplicate.
HAAX_Swep = Get CS:S. It uses its textures.
RP_EvoCity_v2d = Get CS:S. It uses its textures.

ok thanks for the info on the textures. so my next question is where are these chairs? apart from the boat chair and stuff like that is there more? and whats an Advanced duplicate?

Advanced Duplicate is a paster made to paste other people’s works into your game. You need the Advanced Duplicator tough. Also, I dont think there are any other chairs than the ones in the vehicles.

ok thanks again :slight_smile: so if ive understood this http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=61984 is the addon ill need ? do i extract it to addons or data\adv_dup as i dont have that file

That’s a pack for advance dup, meaning it contains a bunch of files to be pasted. You need the actual tool… I beleive it’s packaged in with the PHX SVN? Can anyone confirm this?

it’s in the wire SVN.
and I also never got Totsters extra NPCs to work.


Make your own thread.

sorry for the long reply lol lots on irl so i need wire svn?