Texture Shadows

Hello everyone, I am certain there is somewhere around here a VDC page containing the compile command to bake lightmaps through textures, making detailed shadows through fences etc. Does anyone recall this -compilecommand?

-StaticPropPolys I believe.

Just run VRAD with “-v” and see what it says.

Why? What does it do? Shoot me? :ohdear:


None of that worked. Didn’t do anything except -staticproppolys made the fence solid so no shadows could pass through it. :doh:

You could of course check the VDC page for VRAD which happens to detail all the parameters for it and from what I can work out, the one you want.

For the record -v is verbose mode and just lists all the possible parameters in the compile log.

you have to edit the lights.rad, then use -textureshadows
you edit the lights.rad to have forcetextureshadows on the vmt of the thing

Tutorial on it. Also

Click on $light_exe
-StaticPropPolys -TextureShadows -game $gamedir $path$file