Texture stretch

When I use custom textures the normal Half Life 2 Episode 2 textures stretch…

Is there anyway to stop it?

Don’t hollow or carve.

Did you try to make a mirror? I had the same problem when I added a mirror to my map.


Un-click those two highlighted boxes.


Case closed :clint:

Nope I haven’t hollowed or made a mirror, and I un clicked the two boxes and nothing changed. When I go into the face editor to apply the textures and press “Z” it stretches the textures, then when I close the face edit sheet tool, the textures go all crazy and stretch more and less until I press the “Z” again to fly around.

Un-click them, Exit hammer then relaunch it… Then texture the wall a different texture and it should’nt stretch.

Still does it… I re-texture the walls then I put the texture back what I previously used… I think its something to do with the glass

change the x,y to 0.25

It may just be a hammer viewport glitch.

compile the map and see if they’re still stretched in-game

I remember something about this being a viewport glitch

Look and see the texture tool settings, it might be on something weird. By default it’s on Lift+Select, so try changing it to that.

No it don’t stretch ingame it just stretches in Hammer


It is on Lift+Select.

That’s just a hammer bug, no fix IIRC.

dayum ¬_¬
It gets annoying

That happens sometimes on my crap PC when there’s a particularly resource hungry model on the screen.

It happens to me when I use some specific Dark Messiah models and textures. Namely the Goblin models and some of the window textures.
I always guessed it had something to do with (the lack of?) shaders or something.

This is caused by many things. Could just be that you had your texture lock settings wrong while manipulating your brushes. It could be because you have some seamless scale textures in the map whilst the 3d viewport is set to the wrong shader mode.
There’s other causes that have also been mentioned above, so now you know the problem, persevere and get on with the mapping.

Hmm. I always get this when using the “goo glass” texture no matter what I apply it to. For me it doesn’t stretch in hammer, it stretches in-game.