Texture Thoughts

Ive been making maps for IDK a year or so and I started making custom
textures and this is what ive made… please tell me your toughts…
I know the red carpet doesnt go well with the walls il change that…
Im using GIMP to make these textures BTW


these are good.
im kind of new to SDK so how do you install textures?

Put them into the games texture folder. Also I just looked and the textures look really dark in that first picture, sorry about that…

This one’s pretty dull. Just plain yellow with a noise filter (I think). Maybe make the noise more obvious and add some trim to both the top and bottom?

Despite looking neat, this one’s completely unrealistic and it repeats too often; the texture could be something like 128x128 without sacrificing quality.

This one is my favourite, but it’s quite hard to actually see anything. I think the pattern should be bigger.